Thursday 30 September 2010


Greetings from Special Snowflake

lego hoodie v2 patch

Hello all, sorry about lack of posting the last couple of days, especially in light of all your wonderfully supportive comments and emails about my last post. Thank you very, very much. Although the big girl in me knows that you can't please everyone, the Special Snowflake still thinks I should be treated nicely all the time.

lego hoodie v2 blue side detail

Anyway, I have been very busy. Hoodies have been made and dispatched but as they are duplicates to ones I've already posted about, they shall remain mysterious. But despite my protestations that I'm having trouble sharing my awesome lego fabric, another bold customer asked if I would. And who would have thought it, I agreed.

lego hoodie v2 black side front

This is for a much older boy, so the cute wordy selvage went unused. I did stripwork again to maximise the 'pop' of the legos, with horizontal stripes on the blue side and vertical stripes on the black side.

lego hoodie v2 sleeve detail

I even put strips centred down the sleeve.

As a complete random aside, I'm grading my tunic pattern for larger girl sizes and need testers for 4-5yr (Maria Jose dibs!), 5-6yr (SewScrumptious dibs!) and 7-8yr (Daisie dibs!). Leave a comment if you're interested! EDIT: Super speedy testers have called dibs on all sizes, thanks!


  1. Oh, yes please, we'll test, Francesca will be over the moon, she is six, soon to be seven and on the tall side. She's always annoyed that I make things for smaller people.

    And like you snowflake I think people should always be nice to you too!


  2. Izzy has just turned 5 so i would be happy to do 5-6 age if you don't mind waiting a week or so for me to do it?

  3. Loving the Lego hoodie! I have 3 boys who would love something like that. No girls here though, no chance of helping out with testing.

  4. Of course you should be treated nice, all the time. The hoodies are very colourful, bringing a smile in these dreary autumn days.

    CJ xx

  5. I'd be very happy to test 4-5 year.Since I'm not english speaker I could possibly help in making instructions more clear for sewers like me, who struggle with instructions in english because can't find cool and easy patterns in our own language. The assimetrical jacket I sewed for my daughter last year received lots of compliments. My friends couldn't believed i had made it myself!

  6. Damn they're fast! Shall have to wait for the bigger sizes to come out then.

  7. Mine is this mine? Well actually not mine but my little fellas? I love it!
    Are we still roadtesting a sized up tunic for you too??

  8. Shoot! Do you need back up testers?