Monday 20 September 2010


The Rationed Lego Hoodie

Lego hoodie blue side front detail

When I was apporoached by a customer to make a Lego Hoodie for her son, I selfishly said, 'No, I cannot part with my solitary yard of such precious awesomeness.' Lucky for me, the customer was magnanimous and good at sharing so we agreed that I would let her have some of my Lego fabric.

Lego hoodie blue side full

I did vertical stripwork to the front and hood.

Lego hoodie blue side back

And horizontal stripwork to the back.

Lego hoodie red side full 2

This is the first hoodie I've made using twill for both sides, so it's more like an autumn coat.

Lego hoodie badge detail

I was very lucky that she gave me complete creative license as to how to best utilise the rationed fabric, but I really agonised about what would work best.

Lego hoodie selvage detail

I'm seriously crossing my fingers and toes that she loves the selvage as much as I do. I felt like the fabric gods compelled me to use it.


  1. That is probably the coolest hoodie EVER!

  2. that is awesome... probably about my favourite of your bestest hoodies.. I adore the selvedge too it looks amazing!

  3. The selvedge is brilliant! So much part of the design. I want you to have more of that fabric or I want me to have some - either would do!

  4. That hoodie is fantastic! My son would LOVE one - fancy making another - I'm serious! He's 6 this week and we've hit Lego mania big time at our house! Let me know, fingers crossed XXX

  5. The selvedge is almost the best bit but it is all so lurvely.

  6. Awesome! The selvedge is totally perfect. I'm sure that if your happy customer doesn't like it, I can find someone who would... (although he FINALLY picked out fabric for his own hoodie, so maybe I'd best let sleeping dogs lie.)

  7. So darling! What a cute selvedge!

  8. The selvedge is as fabulous as the print. What a great hoodie!

  9. Perfect the selvedge fits in perfectly!!
    i can see why you wouldn't want to get rid of the fabric, even though I wouldn't have know what to use it for! I would have just looked at it!!. Kx

  10. Amazing hoodie! Seriously,amazing! I want one... for me!

    Becca xx

  11. Is that Japanese fabric? I ask because the selvedge saying is so funny, and I bought a child's gift bag in Japan one time that had a teddy bear in a field saying, "All are green and happy, aren't they?" You gotta love English translations. (Or it may not be Japanese; just wondering. And nothing against the Japanese, as I'm married to a Japanese American.)

  12. Thanks everyone! Sister, yes it's Japanese, it's Kokka :)

  13. Charlie s THE luckiest little boy in the world!! We absolutely LOVE it Amanda. Thankyou soooooooooooooooo much for sharing your lego fabric :D It really is amazing.I love every little detail!
    Can't wait for my (lego geek) husband to see it :D

  14. This came and lived at our house, Samuel loved it.