Thursday, 9 September 2010


The Sorbet Military Duffel

turquoise military duffel pockets

When I went a-hunting for a new coat for me, I was really struck by the preponderence of military-inspired numbers. Alas, I couldn't find one that suited me (Trinny and Susannah say no to double breasted) but when something doesn't look good on me, what do I do? Make one for Maia, of course.

turquoise close military duffel

This is an autumn weight coat with turquoise twill on the one side, a six button faux placket, zipper, empire bodice, and panelled coat body.

turquoise military duffel side view

I've been working on it for the last couple of days and finally managed to finish it off just at bedtime. All the extra features took a lot more time than I'm used to! Topstitching anyone?

back -military duffel

Although the turquoise side is my favourite, as you can imagine the pink side is hers. It's velveteen and a PITA to sew.

close - military duffel

Same reverse button treatment to match the peeking hood, and the cuffs...

pockets - military duffel

And introducing.... my first inseam pockets!

pocket inside - military duffel

I'd never sewn them, let alone draft them so the pink side has a different style (kidney bean shaped) than the turquoise side (rectangular).

close pink 2 military duffel
Rectangular FTW


Anyone else?

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  1. I LOVE it. It's absolutely the height of fashion and cuteness. You are amazing.

  2. that is a lovely coat! the colours are very zingy and girly :)

    i've been looking at those type of jackets for me but alas they wouldn't look great stretched over my hooters and embellished with braiding and buttons!!!

  3. That is one seriously gorgeous coat. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the sew-along!

    I am also somewhat buxom but totally planning to make myself a military jacket at some point. Doesn't have to be double breasted and I reckon with the correct FBA and fitting, it'll look fine.

  4. That is gobsmacking. Absolutely beautiful!

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  6. totally love it! i want one. for me.

    i prefer the turquoise

  7. So...Freaking...Cute. That is the most awesome thing you've made...probably.

  8. That is probably your best creation yet - I am in awe of your talent! The colours are gorgeous too, and your model looks beautiful.

  9. Amanda, I stupidly looked at this with Erica who is now shrieking that she wants one just like it. Absolutely GORGEOUS!

  10. It is absolutely gorgeous!! I want one or should I say my daughter wants one!! R u selling the pattern??

  11. You're far too clever for your own good!! This is just lovely.

  12. Oh Amanda, I love, love, LOVE this coat. It's amazing, stunning, gorgeous and it has a ZIP too!! Just what Robyn NEEDS.

    Please, Please will you make another?

  13. I love it!! I love it!! I love it!! I love it!! I love it!!

  14. Just lovely:) What a lucky girl.

  15. Ooooooh I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! this one. I agree probably one of your best creations. x K

  16. Are you by chance selling a pattern for this yet? I love it! So cute!