Tuesday, 21 September 2010


The post where I cry 'Uncle'

So... Version 2.0 of the Sew-along trousers. The good news, they are not jodphurs. If nothing else, this is a resounding success. The bad news (for you)? I used actual muslin / calico fabric that is practically transluscent. Sorry about that. I shaved both the front and back side seams to the extent that they are practically straight lines.

I raised the waist line about an inch and half to my natural waist.

I still have extra room at centre back. But that is true of most store bought trousers too, I've been very successful dieting a scoop into my lower back. Or 30 years of bad posture has caught up with me.

The back view is not heinous but there are some drag lines at upper thigh. This could just be because I'm twisting to look over my shoulder.

I honestly can't grumble, it's so much better than effort one. But I think I might have reached the end of the line with my self-drafted trousers. Most of the creases you can see are only creases in starchy calico. But there are two that are proper drag lines:

I know this has something to do with rise length / depth because they're so snug in the crotch that I probably just got thrush trying them on. I've consulted my Fit For Real People but trousers are in a separate book. I've used my Google-Fu with limited success. (For the record, 'fit' and 'crotch' are not advisable search terms.) Sadly, I think I just have to accept that I don't have enough experience with adult clothes and fitting to complete them without an endless cycle of muslin / revision. Worst Sew-along Host ever.


  1. Sigh. I'm sorry to hear that.

    Plus side is, it's only muslin / calico. And another plus, this one gets filed under 'Experience Gained / Lesson Learnt'.

  2. I dont't think you are the worst sew-along host ever but you are definitely the funniest one! Pants are really hard to make! I tried to make a pair a few months ago and ended up asking my mom to finish the whole thing for me. I know... not very mature...

  3. When I saw the title of the post I thought this would be much worse. They really aren't all that bad, considering how hard pants are to make. I was thinking the other day that this must be why everyone used to wear simple dresses in the pioneer days. Who had time to figure out anything else?

    Thanks for blazing a trail so the rest of us didn't have to. :-)

  4. My trusty copy of Pants for Real People only mentions crotch depth in the tissue fitting stage, which is not much help! If pulling the whole thing down isn't possible or doesn't help, maybe try letting out the front of the inseam a bit?

  5. Since I'm not a cool girl for this round, would you like to borrow my copy of the trouser book? I can post it to you if you want.

    Also, I have a hollow at the small of my back. So does my mother, and sister and daughter. I think it's genetic although my fabulous posture doesn't make it any better.

  6. Hmmmm. Well if you can't do it, no-one can! I haven't been a cool girl yet this month because I've misplaced my book - it's either at my mum's or at mine under a huge pile of things. It is causing me much distress, but I am determined to give it a go once I find it.
    BTW, I was imagining all sorts of things when I read, I used actual muslin / calico fabric that is practically transluscent. Sorry about that. I shaved both the front and back.... *snigger*

  7. They really aren't that bad! I'd wear them somewhere for sure, even if it was just around the house. Good tip about Googling fit and crotch - LOL!

  8. Pants fitting is the hardest. I know sewists who work on it for years before they are happy. That said, for a first round try, that fit is pretty darn good! I always have to take in a wedge at center back for my big bootie, and "scoop" out the seam on the front crotch to get rid of those smiles. These could be wearable, except for the ya know, see through bit...

    My word verification is "nerginta", which sound to me like something you might find in a crotch...

  9. I am so glad that Pickled Weasel read the same as me about the translucent material and your shaving habits.