Friday, 24 September 2010


Let me be your dress up doll. Again.

After your invaluable help with the wedding dress quandary, I thought I'd give you another opportunity to prove your sartorial wisdom. Steven's brother is having his 30th birthday party (in town) tomorrow night so I spent this afternoon tromping up and down Princes Street looking for something to wear. I hate shopping by myself. I also hate having my eyebrows threaded, but I did that too.

Here goes. Option one is a black and white polkadot affair:

It's basically a very tight sheath, which based on my astute observations today all the cool girls are wearing. Note I said cool girls, not Cool Girls. Cool Girls are wearing jodphurs. I have added the red belt to demonstrate my ability to accessorise, but mostly so I can wear my red shoes.

This frankly awful picture shows the super ruched sleeves. Ish. Trust me, they are very ruched indeed.

And this is my not quite flat stomach the side view. Feel free to discuss how tight this dress is.

Option two is a knitted grey dress:

It has lots of superfluous buttons:

Humblest apologies that my boobs are looming like they might pop out of your monitor.

I am wearing opaque black tights because the shop assistant said I should and she was younger and trendier than me. I know, you find this unbelievable. Without the dark tights, it is apparent that this dress is both tight and short. Youthful knees, I miss you.

But I don't do everything exactly as I'm supposed to. The big black belt came with the dress, but I think I prefer the red belt.

So. What say you, wise style mavens?
  • Option one: Polka dot dress (with or without tights, choice of black or red belt / shoes)
  • Option two: Grey dress (with or without tights, choice of black or red belt / shoes)
  • Option three: Get thee back into town tomorrow for more shopping. This time, go to an age-appropriate shop.
  • Option four: Pick a fight with Steven right before the party about not having anything to wear and/or feeling fat and then don't go to the party
Bonus points (in a non-existent game) will be awarded to people who tell me how to accessorise and do my hair as well. I love having a blog.


  1. hmm.... I'm not a fan of either dress to be fair.. you have the body for them.. just shut the hell up about not having a flat stomach you are a goddess... a crazy goddess but a godess none the less....

    I would say the buttony one because I dont like the arms on the polka dotty dress... stuff like that bugs me...

    you need to buy some Mad Men 60's dress patterns...

    I would totally pick a fight if it was me though.

  2. I really like the polka dots with the red accessories. You look HOT!

    BUT......Is it 'party' enough?......You need some read beads, short ones not long ones and some red bangles to joosh it up a bit. Then you will be hot to trot.

    I have to say that i dont like the grey at all!

  3. not sure either of them do you justice. if i had to choose - prob the second.

  4. I think polka dots with RED RED RED!

    I love the neckline on the grey but it's not wowing me with the red shoes.

    And I wish I was so gorgeous and slim! - glad I have a 24 week excuse at the mo ;-)

  5. I don't like the grey at all, but I think the polka dot with the red is cool. Agree on needing some bangles and beads

  6. I just wrote a really long comment with links in it and everything, and then I pressed the wrong button and it disappeared :(
    It basically said I'm not keen on either, but if you go with the polka dots you need a kitten heel, not wedges (go to M&S and put 'stud bow' in the search box and you'll see the sort of shoe I mean). But if you were my real dress up doll, I'd put you in something from Dorthy Perkins, in the 'Going out Dresses' section xx

  7. As a real wrinkly (who does know what a non flat stomach looks like) and it's not yours, I would go for the spots with the red. And I agree about the bangles, but not so sure about beads. You are young with a fabulous figure and I think this outfit would bring out your fun side. The grey's too severe for a night out on the town. And by the way those shoes are wicked!!

  8. Wowee!! You are such a hottie!!

    Overall, I like the polka dottie dress with red accessories (although I agree that wedges aren't the best - you need stilettos), but I prefer the neckline of the grey dress.

    So, ya know, you should go get yourself some polka dot ITY and make your own.

  9. Love love love the spotty dress, with the red accessories. Looking gorgeous! :)

  10. Polka dot, polka dot, polka dot with red accessories and no tights :)

    sarah x

  11. I vote for polka dot with red accessories. Red shoes rock. I don't really like the gray one.

  12. I also vote for the polka dot dress, no tights, and red accessories.

    Any way you can carry a tiny handbag? I always think they look dressier (but there is no room for juice boxes and fruit snacks in there).

    Maybe one of those updo's that looks effortless but that actually require a feat of engineering to keep in place (or maybe that's just me... my hair is super heavy).

    But frankly, nothing says PAR-TAY like a kickin' pair of jodpurs.

  13. Def the polka dot one - it looks really good one you. Love the red shoes too with the red belt, black tights would be more party-ish. Pin hair up in french twist, add a statement necklace, small bag and off you go!
    Eilidh x

  14. Polka dots, with red sash-belt, no tights and red shoes.
    You can't see much with the gray one, your body doesn't have any lines and nothing to "break it up"---it just looks like too much dark. I can't see where the skirt ends and your tights begin. I'm a minimalist, so if you add jewelry---make it a great necklace/bracelet and be done.
    FYI. I would kill for your boobs. Amen.

  15. I love the spotty dress and those red shoes look great too.

    Enjoy the party, and if you don't wear the polka dot one, wear it to Robbie's party instead!

    You look fantastic in those pics, by the way. See you soon.

  16. Dotty spotty dotty spotty!

    Dressiness depends where the party is, I think, but don't go too overboard with red accessories since you've already got the belt and shoes.

    Have fun!

  17. Option 1 - spotty dress with red sash belt and definitely those red shoes. I'd also add a plain silver necklace, red rose hair clip and red lippy, (think Sophia Loren in the 50's). I think you'll look absolutely gorgeous. x

  18. I don't like the grey dress at all, not sure why. The polka dot with red belt looks good, but I have no idea about accessorising so don't count on it.

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