Monday 6 September 2010


Bang on Trend or Bang Out of Order?

So I drafted my Sew-along trouser pattern today. Remember I was hoping to channel the 1940's high-waisted, long legged vibe? Never mind. That's passe. I need something a bit more avante garde for the school run. Something a bit more Catwalk:

Something a bit more Nascent Adolescent Tory:

Something a bit more 'Party In The Back':

I jest. I really, really don't want to make jodhpurs. But that appears to be what I'm drafting:

The front section (on the right) does not scare me that much. But the back side? I worry. See at the hip line the side seam curves in an alarming manner?

For all my faults, I'm really not a hippy shape and there is almost no junk in my trunk so I don't understand why this psycho-curve is manifesting itself. Not enough ease in the thigh? Something awry with the waist? Tell me truthfully... Is it my anaemic knees?

To compare to a pair of wide leg trousers on my floor in my wardrobe, the side seam of my draft definitely curves out where the trousers have a more-or-less straight side seam. And there also appears to be an extra inch of width (so potentially 4 inches in total!) along the back rise. I'm going to ignore that for now because, umm....

Do Not Want.

I've never made trousers for an adult before, is it normal to have semi-dramatic shaping to the side seam? Please vote:

A) I sew for women and this looks just fine.
B) I sew for women and this is not fine.
C) This is going to work out just fine for me. And by 'just fine' I mean that these are going to be hilarious and I'm really going to enjoy laughing at them and you.


  1. Oh, my. I have no idea or advice or even a vote. I am so supremely unqualified. I'll be interested to see how it comes out. After initially thinking I'd jump in eagerly on this one, I think I'm going to sit it out and see how it comes out.

  2. Um, I'm afraid I'm going to have to go with option C, especially if those comparison pants (I mean trousers) fit you well. But, you're smart to err on the side of too big. Just let us have our laugh first, then take them in :)

  3. D) I don't know a thing about drafting patterns (what more a Trouser pattern), but I say 'Go for it and experiment'!

  4. I have just snorted my morning coffee everywhere, I cannot wait to see what they look like! But please remeber that following the instructions for the skirt we all ended up with garments too big and had to take them in. Probably better too big than small. Get sewing girl, I expect another laugh tomorrow! x

    PS: word verification; SHarE

  5. I have no vote as I have no idea... I'm intending to do my measuring and drafting tomorrow when I have a full (9 - 5) day alone... so I can let you know tomorrow!

  6. Wide leg trousers shouldn't curve that dramatically, no. Even on me, Hip Queen Of Europe, I wouldn't put that much of a curve in the side seam.

    Still, I vote for C - make up a muslin and show us photos. I bet we could all use a giggle.

  7. I've only got as far as to sew a school badge on a blazer, so i'm no expert. However...I think go for C.... we won't laugh too loudly (-:

  8. its all a learning curve - hahaha did you see what I did there? ;)

  9. so i have just found you through Gertie at facebook..... this is a very funny post you actually just made me laugh loud so funny i go for C !!!! but make a muslin of course so not to ruin any good fabric!!!

  10. I think all you can do here is make the muslin. My gut reaction is to say that it will not fit, but I've been surprised by patterns like that before. I've never made trousers before, but I'm rooting for you!

  11. I'm going to have to go with C... right up till I draft my own trousers then you get to laugh :p

  12. Yikes!! Definitely need more ease in the thigh. Your side seam may curve a bit, but if you are going for a fuller leg, it would be best if it dropped straight from the fullest part of your hip. No curve.

    Although those would be pretty interesting made up...

  13. Going to have to not be a cool girl this time round, my eye infection has slowed everything up:(