Tuesday 14 September 2010


The Neurotic Military Duffel

Sewing for the boy got exponentially more tricky when he started school. Although I have seen girls in coats of many colours, boys seem to stick with the school colours green and black.

green side full

I would have liked a royal blue, or an orange, or a turquoise, or a red. But I played it safe.

green side unimpressed

Is it typical First-Child-in-School-Syndrome to want them to blend in, to be accepted? What of our platitudes of 'Be special, be unique, be yourself'...

black side close 2

Has it been trumped by oh dear god please don't let him be bullied?

black side pockets

Is it exacerbated by the more rigid parameters of socially acceptable clothes for boys of a certain age? Of course, this is strictly hypothetical. It's impossible to tease a boy in a school-colours coat.

Disclaimer: Neuroses courtesy of him starting full days at school yesterday and the resultant visions of six hours of hardcore bullying. If said neuroses are giving you secondary embarrassment, you're welcome to just say 'Nice coat, lol!'.


  1. He's funny and clever and beautiful, he'll have a million friends by friday!
    Nice coat!

  2. I love it!!! I want one for myself

  3. Aww boys are just generally harder, I swear. I refuse to dress J in dark coats because 1.We walk home so I want a bright colour coat so that cars can see him and 2.I tend to loose him so if he is the only child in bright colours, I can spot him a mile off ;)

  4. I agree with Nic, we walk everywhere, and she is a fast little sod, so Kathryn gets dressed in *very* *bright* *colours* but then I have no boy so have no idea as to the emotional issues of colour choice for boys....

    Nice coat:)

  5. My boys wear bright colours :)
    Cool coat!

  6. I have nothing useful to add on the boy thing, as I neither have one nor have ever been one. But I do know a gorgeous coat when I see one, and that is one gorgeous coat, lady.

  7. You are SO clever. I must admit it makes me just slightly nauseous....:)

  8. You are fantastic - it's gorgeous :)

  9. Fabulous coat, and I completely empathize with the boy fears!!

    Please don't make fun of my little man!! I can't take it.

  10. That is one awesome and 'cool' coat!

  11. Your coats make me actually wish it was colder here. And he looks all kinds of handsome. Blending in at that age is the way to go.

    He might be a bit young for this, but useful to have in your back pocket.


  12. Now, who would ever want to pick on that gorgeous face?
    Also, his mum kicks serious b*** when it comes to making his clothes.

  13. Its a fantastic coat! although my lad has a dark coat (cos it was a handy down and i wasn't passing it up!) i make him wear a flouresent over jacket thingy when it starts to get darker. he doen't mind, he thinks hes a builder!!!!!!

  14. That's gorgeous, I love the green side.

  15. Fabulous coat and a perfect smiler. Hope school hasn't been too traumatic for you both.

    I'd go with a red and a blue I think. Or superheroes - there's nothing a superhero can't face (and you've made my boys plenty colourful things!)