Sunday 3 April 2011


A Cassette Hoodie for the Asian market

cassette hoodie full

Lest you conclude from my blog title that I have been racially profiling my hoodies, I should probably clarify: this hoodie is going to a specific customer in Asia. Although as a continent, Asia would probably approve.

cassette hoodie close

In fact, there's not a single continent I can think of that wouldn't like this hoodie. Antarctica would probably want thinsulate inner-lining though. Don't worry, I have enough.

cassette hoodie reverse

Although the customer lives in Hong Kong, she used to live in Edinburgh and has had the pleasure of my company on several occasions. Shortly after we visited her house for the first (and last) time, she announced she was emigrating. There's probably no link.

cassette hoodie reverse sleeve

If you're here for the sewing rather than my random wittering, let's discuss how cool these sleeves are.


  1. Very cool sleeves! And no, I'm sure there is no link with her emigrating and you going round to her house ;)

  2. Oh, those are awesome sleeves, indeed!

  3. They are indeed awesome sleeves, and I am in love:)

  4. Definitely a link - I know who you're talking about! ;-)

  5. Ok--those sleeves are wicked cool.

  6. Awesome! The sleeves rock. Those lucky Asians.

  7. Wow! It looks amazing! Thank you SO much! Watch out Asia - Kitschy Coo's coming...

    Our decision to emigrate was not entirely your fault, and you would be very welcome to pop by our new house for another play anytime you are passing...

  8. Totally cool to look up "wittering."

  9. 'uber' cool sleeves! (although I think I might be too old to use that word!)