Saturday 21 March 2009


Batten down the hatches

It's been 45 minutes since Steven left for his weekend away, and we're coping. Maia cried, 'Daddy, Daddy' forlornly for the first 30 minutes but she has some Cheerios now and consequently, a brighter outlook on life. The Teletubbies DVD is on, which makes two of the three of us happy. I have had two cups of coffee. I'm ready.


  1. I'm happy when the kids are happy (or at least quiet) and that's why we watch bob the builder all day. Hope the weekend goes smoothly! Keep the coffee on!

  2. oh man. My husband is in the army, and is away about half of each month ( so far this year- last year was less but still prolonged absences) You'd think that it would get easier. being alone with 2 kids under 5, but it doesn't. Good luck and Happy UK Mother's Day!