Sunday 22 March 2009


Mother's Day: take one

I hope all you UK mums are enjoying your lie-ins, breakfasts in beds, flowers, presents, pamperings and general spoilings today. No, really, I mean it... I'm not bitter or twisted to be left on my lonesome with the berserkers on Mother's Day. It's no big deal to put your own card in an envelope to open. I still heard those precious words, 'Happy Mother's Day'. I might have had to tell Jaim to say it, but it still counts. And sleeping past six is overated anyway. Honestly, it's fine, really. Because one of the good things about being American but living in the UK is that I get two Mother's Days. And courtesy of Steven's ill-timing in going away for the weekend, guilt should mean that the one in May is extra special. 49 days isn't long to wait. I'm keeping on top of it with a new widget, just below my profile.


  1. amanda, happy mother's day! you're lucky you get two holidays,


  2. Happy mother's day hun, your blog always makes me smile!

  3. Happy Mothers Day!!

    Lou made me a card at preschool and was supposed to hide it but when she got home, she took it out of her bag, threw it across the floor and told me that she couldn't be bothered to hide it and asked me to!!

    I hope you get that lie-in after the long wait!