Saturday, 28 March 2009


Being slightly less secretive, and then more again

I mentioned on Thursday that I was working on some top secret stuff. My Time for Tea goodies were posted yesterday but I don't think Hannah will get them until Monday so the pictures for that will have to wait... However, I can reveal the other project I was working on!

I was approached by Caley, the editor of Fave Crafts, to submit a guest project on an Easter theme. They are compiling an e-book of Easter projects to send to their subscribers (16,000 I believe!) and it's now live on their website. So if you want to make an Easter chick applique, the template and instuctions are here. This is the finished t-shirt:

And then something else exciting happened yesterday. I was approached by a magazine that wanted to feature my reversible woodland matinee jacket. He wanted the picture on a white background and un-modelled, and I was very lucky that I have one in stock as all of my other pictures were on Maia. I took the jacket and a white sheet outside (in gale force winds and a brief gap in the rain) and took some photos. This is the one that I sent:

I will let you know the name of the magazine once it's published!


  1. Cindy mentioned to me that she wished you made some items in adult sizes. I'm assuming not the onesys,but I know I'd like a reversable jacket.

    I'm enjoying the stories of motherhood. I remember those days. I know what I found comforting was the thought that children will always eat enough to survive. From experience I know that they will still grow up to eat more than macaroni and cheese, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

    And as grandma would say, this too shall pass.

  2. yay!! all very exciting! Love your chick tee :)

  3. The chick applique! Can't wait to receive my goodies (yay!) :) Yours were sent today so hopefully you should get them soon :D

  4. sorry lol! meant to say love the chick applique. I must need more tea! ;)

  5. Ooh ooh! Will you still remember us when you're rich and famous! ;-)

  6. i love your fabrics. can't wait till i have some little people to buy clothes for. Look forward to seeing your jacket in the magazine, when we know which one it is!

  7. Well done you! Cute easter chick tee.
    B x

  8. Thanks for participating in the eBook. Such a fun time!

    Here's a link to the Easter Craft eBook: