Sunday 8 March 2009


I was wrong, in a major way

I've had at least half a dozen offers through Etsy from professional photographers offering swaps, and I haven't taken them up yet. Silly, silly me. I misguidedly thought my pictures were good enough, and then I came across this on Flickr:

I sold this organic owl t-shirt a couple months back and didn't realise my customer was a professional photographer. Wow, what a photo! It made Explore #1 on Flickr and won awards!

So, lesson learned. I'll be accepting photo swaps post haste.


  1. That is a great pic but yours are pretty darn good too!

  2. I second that- your kids are jsut as photogenic and you almost alowasy get a 'good' face.

  3. It is a cute pic, but I agree with the others. You have great pics too!