Thursday, 5 March 2009


Getting accustomed to customs

Remember how I was saying orders are unpredictable and variable? And how my patterns were outstripping my ready made clothes a million to one? Not so this week... this week patterns have been slow but clothes busy! And not just any old clothes, custom orders!

First is a variation of my best selling peasant dress, but with long sleeves (well, we are in Scotland after all). It the lovely Alexander Henry Mocha fabric, with turquoise and brown polka dot fabric for contrast.

It has a double elastic neckline, mock placket and fabric covered buttons.

And then I had an order for a peasant dress in red Alexander Henry Los Calaveros fabric (that's sugar skulls to you and me).

I love this fabric and have used it for a lot of different things. This is the last of the red colourway in my stash, although I have some things already made using it.

The award for the most ambitious creation this week was an asymetrical collar jacket in gorgeous orange bird print that reverses to black and white polka dot corduroy.

I'm saying it was ambitious because it's a size 4T / 5T so a little tiny bit out of my normal comfort zone! And let it be known, the combination of asymetrical, directional and reversible is not a happy one for the pattern maker or fabric cutter...

There are two massive buttons for closure. The black and white side (which, apologies, photographs terribly) has buttons made out of a leaf detail from the orange bird fabric. I thought plain orange would maybe be a bit too 'Halloween-ey'. It will also tie the coat together when the sleeves are cuffed to show the orange side.

The orange side has buttons made from the corduroy fabric, which also looks nice when cuffed.

I had only made this pattern up to 18m / 2T, so I had to grade it up through 3T / 4T and then to 4T / 5T. This has taught me that when I draft a new pattern, I really must draft all sizes together. Doing one size and then setting it aside is so much harder and I was up very late scratching my head and staring at things. On the up side, that means that this pattern is now fully graded and ready for testing!


  1. Simply the MOST gorgeous coat ever.

  2. I want a woman size version of that beautiful coat!!

  3. Not just for children the advert used to go.....a long time ago. Yes, do Woman size versions!!!! I love that orange one.

  4. Such a beautiful coat!! Love the fabrics you've used :)

  5. Thanks all. I could do an adult one for flat chested people maybe, I don't know how to sew for boobs ;)

  6. The tops are lovely, but my word, that coat is beautiful!

  7. I love your fabric choices! And I really like the look of your asymmetrical collar... very cute! Glad to hear your doing some larger sizes (my little one is getting into 4T now).

  8. I love the coat and my little Lou is a 4/5t ;)
    Looks like a busy week up your end. I got some pink sugary skulls this what to make...

  9. Oop! Sorry the coat caused so much pain - but as the comments show, it has been worth it. Can't wait to see it in the flesh, and my daughter is excited too. The nicest thing was being able to show it to her on the blog.

    I too would wear an adult version, but that we'd match. And that I have boobs. In spades. :(


  10. Thanks again for all your lovely comments!

    @Indywriter and Nic: I'm really hoping to get into bigger sizes! Just need to make friends with some 5 and 6 year olds first!

    @Nic: Pink is the only colourway I've never had! Can't wait to see what you make with it!

    @Myf: Yeah, me too... When I was pregnant with Jamie I went up to a J cup. That was very scary, for everyone.

  11. THAT's the fabric I want for mine when I get hold of some - they have two enormous drops of it in the store and have had none to buy for months!! Arrgghhhh.

    I'm going for plain black on the reverse though - but I must say that I love the polka dot!

    Beautiful as always!