Thursday, 12 March 2009


The number game: part two

Really sorry to do this to you two days in a row, but I'm still trying to bash my way through all these orders. Normal service will resume tomorrow, I promise :)

  • Orders in last 48 hours: 11
  • Heavy colds: 1
  • Pounds lost from excessive nose blowing and dehydration: 6
  • Showers foregone today to work on orders: 1
  • Meals foregone today to work on orders: 2
  • Number of hairclips Maia insisted on wearing this morning: 10
  • Number of trousers Jamie insisted on not wearing this morning: 1
  • Threats issued if trousers weren't worn before trousers were put on: 4
  • Number of penises drawn on sidewalk between our house and childminder's house: 13
  • Number of times Jamie asked 'What's that?': 300
  • Number of times I said 'A flower': 5
  • Number of times I said 'I told you, a flower': 10
  • Number of times I said 'I told you, a flower, stop asking': 285
  • Ulcers: 3
  • Number of minutes spent talking about nice shoes with childminder: 10
  • Number of nice shoes made: 4

  • Child free hours today: 4.5
  • Hours spent shaking fist at serger, re-threading serger, muttering expletives at serger: 4.5
  • Time Outs given to serger: 1
  • Number of times Maia pointed at my frown lines and said 'Wot dat?': 2
  • Time Outs given to Maia: 1
  • Number of children with mullets: 2
  • Number of orders still outstanding: 2


  1. That was a really entertaining read and very funny - I hope tomorrow brings you a better day :o) x

  2. Personally, I think only small children can pull off a mullet.

  3. Can't believe how hard you're working. Good for you. I think my numbers would all be about number of times 8 year old slams door and number of times my children ignore me. I am part of the furniture.