Sunday 15 March 2009


Lime and Fushia

With my 'To do' list practically stretching down the hall, I'm relieved to have finally finished the tutorial for my asymetrical jacket. I sent pattern pieces to my lovely tester about a week ago but have been so swamped since then I haven't been able to get the tute done. It's been causing me stress, so I consoled myself by using new fabrics for the jacket I used for my tutorial photographs.

Friend Sarah took me to IKEA a couple of weeks ago because I heard a rumour that a new season of their fabrics had come in. I was disappointed that this turned out to be a malicious lie, but I did get to stock up on more of the fabrics I already had, and found a new colourway in this leaf print. I had the black and white already, but found this one in fushia and lime green. Hooray!

Sticking to palette, I reversed the jacket with a plain lime green heavy weight cotton with fushia polkadot buttons. Satan convinced me to try the automatic buttonholing feature of my sewing machine again. I tested it eight times on identical scrap fabric and it worked perfectly. First try on the jacket, you guessed it, it went doolally. It wasn't the end of the world because it was way too short as opposed to too long, but maddening all the same.


  1. Seriously, you HAVE to do these in grown-up sizes!

  2. Gorgeous colour combo - love it Vx

  3. sizes please! :)