Tuesday, 17 March 2009


The sweetest little video

I can't take any credit what so ever for this wonderful video. It wasn't filmed by me and I didn't even source it, I stumbled across it on Strawberry Anarchy's blog. But I feel compelled to share it, because not only is it adorable but it explains why babies need so much sleep! Make sure you watch it with your sound on, the song is perfect!

It's made me curious as to what a time lapse video of our house would be like? A fierce tornado throwing all the toys around? Full formed jackets flying out of my sewing machine (it'd have to be a long time lapse)? Jamie pounding Ryvita like one of those speed eating contests? Maia flying through a schizophrenic range of emotions? Actually, we wouldn't have to have a time lapse for those two, just a normal video...

What would a time lapse video of your house be like?


  1. That is amazing! In our house it would just look like an avalanche of toys gradually descending to the floor.

  2. Ours would be very boring, as my 10 month old doesn't move yet, just sits and reaches :)