Sunday, 1 March 2009


Someone's in trouble...

Yesterday we had a 'special' day planned with Jamie. For the bargain price of sixty quid, we procured three tickets to Lazytown Live at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre. Maia was dispatched to Grandma and the three of us headed up town on the bus. We had told Jamie that we were going to see Lazytown, but he was understandingly non-plussed because, well... we watch Lazytown every day. Walking down a side street towards our destination, we rounded the corner and were presented with no less than three hundred children dressed in Sportacus or Stephanie costumes all heading like lemmings to the the theatre. Jamie looked like we'd given him LSD for his breakfast (or so I imagine, we haven't actually done this). While moderately comfortable with the be-costumed kids in front of us, he was perturbed by the ones behind us and walked the final 100 yds to the theatre looking nervously over his shoulder.

Despite the WTF qualities of watching a TV show enacted by adults while surrounded by hundred of kids in costume, he seemed to enjoy the show. Given that he spent the better part of the week (and I mean 'better' figuratively) with a raging fever, this might not have been the strangest spectacle he's witnessed recently. It was interesting to see that (like his parents) he found public displays of dancing and enthusiasm were beneath him.

But he did seem to enjoy himself, as evidenced by our afternoon at home playing 'someone's in trouble'. For those of you unfamiliar with the Lazytown lexicon, each episode breaks down like this: kids are noisily playing, villain plots an end to such japes and endangers children, hero senses 'someone's in trouble' and saves the day. In our own revision, Jamie played the hero (complete with somersaults), myself the villain, and Baby Elmo was the 'someone in trouble'. I put Baby Elmo in increasingly outlandish predicaments, such as getting his head stuck in a bucket or being savaged by a dinosaur. Because quite frankly, Baby Elmo's been asking for it.

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