Friday 6 March 2009


Folksy finds Tea

I'm continuing my ode to all things tea-related with this week's Folksy finds featuring lovely tea themed items.

These beautiful Tea Cup pin pots by Paperfish are so bright and cheerful with ribbon and button embellishments.

This stunning I heart Tea Tea cosy by Vintage Town has been all over the blogs lately, and for good reason! What a lovely combination of colours, fabrics and textures!

This screenprinted Time for tea tote by Cuppa Tea and Cake is a great multi-purpose bag, and very pretty to boot!

This charming 'Tea on the lawn' teacup candle by Clarabows is a lovely vintage teacup candle cup and saucer set containing a tea and shortbread scented Eco-Soya wax candle. After the candle is done, you have a beautiful fine china set for your tea!

I'm a big fan of Lucy Player's illustrations and this Tea and Biscuits card set is representative of her simple yet stunning work. It comes with three cards featuring tea pots, tea cups, and biscuits!

Another one of my favourite sellers is Zoe Woods, whose shop is chock-full of adorable jewellery. This Tea Party collaged wooden brooch has an adorable rabbit, a tea set, and sparkly stars. What more could you ask for?!

This eye-catching Tea time mixed media card by Yellow Magpie & Yellow Wren is a high quality inkjet print of a digital illustration, hand embellished with vintage embroidery threads. I love the purple and orange contrast and the stitching is gorgeous.

The hugely talented Lupin Handmade has a multitude of felty tea goodness in her shop, but I chose this Tea Badge for that wonderful blue colour.

This Mr Tea Hand doodled Mug by Tee and Toast has a choice of "I pity the fool that don't drink tea" or "Make me some damn tea fool!". Cute and quirky!

I've been waiting for a theme that would let me feature the delectable soaps made by Saffron Barr... This Matcha green tea soap was inspired her recent trip to Tokyo, and Matcha Green Tea ice cream!


  1. Great theme, and great items. off for a cuppa now.

  2. I love your article relating to tea and particularly love the pin cushions

  3. the candle in a cup looks lovely, bu I'm not sure how long I could bear to smell shortbread scented candles without grabbing some to eat!

  4. Great choices!! I especially like Paperfishes pinpots and I have just discovered Lucy Player and this was my favourite illustration by her.
    B x

  5. I LOVE those pin pots! What a cracking idea :)

  6. Gorgeous selection, I love Lucy's cards - fantastic

  7. Thanks for all the comments, I really appreciate it!

    The pinpots are my favourites too...

  8. Ha! Yoy beat me to it , I was going to do a tea themed review as well. Folksy and tea seem such natural partners! Fab selection. I loved Zoe Wood's brooches as they reminded me of iced party rings!

  9. hello dear kitschy, just realised you featured my I Heart Tea cosy, thanking you very muchly!