Saturday, 7 March 2009


The promise of cupcakes

Probably a lot of you know about Covetables, but if not, you really should! I first came across her on Folksy through her adorable sewn creations. This is my favourite:

Not only is she an amazing sewer and maker, but also a professional baker. Ever since I saw the lovely cupcakes on her blog, I've been salivating over them. Nothing conjures up happy nostalgic memories more than cupcakes! And then she kindly shared a recipe for chocolate cupcakes, and I've been determined to make them. So yesterday I promised Jamie that we would make them together over the weekend, and he harrassed me relentlessly until I capitulated. The recipe looked really easy so I was confident we couldn't screw it up with my terrible baking skills.

After the 36 hour build-up to cupcake making, Jamie helped for a bit, then got bored and left me to it.

Here are Steven and Jamie 'patiently' waiting for them to cool down enough to eat.

See how that smile looks a bit demented? 'I would like cupcake' was chanted more than six hundred times until my ears started bleeding and I fainted from the stress of it.

In a shocking turn of events, I resisted the urge to bastardise cartoon characters, so its probably the most sophisticated baking I've ever done. Don't they look pretty?! And I got to use an icing plunger thingy, I feel like a proper grown up.

Maia was chuffed when she woke up from her nap and was immediately handed a cupcake. Not normal practise and a pretty bad precedent, I admit... But Jamie was an hour into his second round of torture with 'I would like another one cupcake' and I had stupidly said he could have another one when Maia woke up. More fool me...


  1. Yum!! We are baking tomorrow and I hope my two get bored like Jamie ;)
    I love the demented face too.

  2. They look so yummy!! How nice to wake up and be greeted by a cupcake :)

  3. I would like a cupcake too pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease ;-)

  4. Oh I've been meaning to make those ever since I saw the recipe on the covetables blog! They look fab - both hers and yours! Love the sprinkles on the icing...and the happy cupcake eaters :)

  5. I am sooooo thrilled to see this! I love seeing your kids joy at the whole event! So glad it went well for you!

  6. You sew, you bake... who would have thought you'd become such a Martha Stewart 10 years ago! :) You're awesome.

  7. Thanks for everyone's comments! It made 30 cupcakes so we're still plowing through them. I hid them last night and told Jamie this morning that Daddy ate them all (I know, I'm pretty mean) but I couldn't deal with another relentless day of 'Cupcake, cupcake, cupcake'. He did get one this afternoon when we had a visitor...

  8. @Natalie, I was definitely a closet Martha ten years ago... I already had precocious needle skills doing piercings though, right?!