Sunday, 5 April 2009


Another pattern... another giveaway!

I'm very excited that another two patterns have made it through testing and are ready to go! I'm going to run separate giveaways to double the number of happy winners, one today and one tomorrow. Because I'm nice like that.

First up is my matinee jacket, in sizes 18m/ 2T and 3T / 4T. And yep, you guessed it... it's reversible. It has a boxy fit, generous roll-upable sleeves, and an opening down the front for poochy buddha bellies to poke through. It's closed at the front with two tabs, which is perfect for people new to buttonholes because you can do them before attaching the tabs to the jacket.

When I decided to sell patterns, I bought a huge roll of butchers paper and have spent many an hour crouched on the floor tracing. The best bit about another two patterns being ready is that I can finally send my pattern pieces to a printer and not hand trace them anymore. They have a high quantity minimum order, but will allow me to split it over several designs and I feel better about spreading the order (and risk of stockpiling) over five patterns.

I'm going to run the giveaway a bit different this time... to enter I'd like you to leave a comment with a guess on how many metres of butchers paper I have hand traced. For Americans, a meter is slightly bigger than a yard. Closest one wins, easy peasy! I'll reveal the winner on Wednesday.


  1. ooh, think I just have to pick some random number here and keep my fingers crossed!

    My entry is: 54m.

    Is having fingers crossed a good enough excuse to stop doing housework?!


  2. Wow! Now, I don't have children of my own, so it wouldn't be fair for me to participate in this giveaway.
    But I just wanted to say if I did have children, they would certainly be sporting the wonderful clothes you make!

    Everything you do is ADORABLE! I love it!


  3. Hmmm. I'm going to guess 175?

  4. Oh boy. No clue. How about 73m. I really love this coat.


  5. I was going to say 150, but it's taken already, so what about 145 m?

    I love the new pattern!

  6. I'll go with a random 123 metres. I keep trying to guesstimate it but I have no idea so random it is.

  7. Hummmm...I'm going to blow everyone out of the water and guess 200m. I love the first pic...with the trees on one side...simply adorable!

  8. the first number to come to mind even before I read the comments was 250m!!!

    I think it is funny how the numbers keep going up! =)

  9. hmmm let`s round 100 metres...

    I have no idea about it anyway...

  10. I'm going to assume that you buy the rolls in some logical amount of metres (ie 100, 250, 500 etc) and that you've used 3/4 of it. So I'm going to guess 375 metres, which is a huge amount and probably way too much!

  11. I think... 302 m. =)

  12. OOh! I love this coat!! I'm going to guess... 94 m

    Here's hoping!

  13. 63. Totally guessing, but I hope I win! I love this pattern. :)

  14. Oh, I love this pattern! I'm guessing you bought around 300 meters but have only used 170 meters. That's still a ton of work!

  15. Hmmm Depending on how good at tracing you are; which I am not egads... I would go with a small number but I'm also thinking that you are talking about more than one pattern so I'm going with a number that is high and I'm hoping not right for your sake but right for me to win.... so... 390m.. crazy I know...

  16. I don't think I saw this estimate:


    love the design!!

    bsyb100 at gmail dot com