Sunday 12 April 2009


Toddler + chocolate = lunatic

In a medical sense, Jamie was a late talker. But he did talk a lot and from an early age. He just didn't make any sense. He had a language all of his own and would converse with us with great earnestness while we smiled and nodded. It was sweet and endearing, albeit frustrating for everyone at times.

As it's Easter, I thought I would share a little video of last year's fall-out celebrations. We let him have a creme egg, and he went crazy. He perched himself on our computer desk and pontificated and gesticulated his way through a un-rivalled stream on gibberish. As you can see, it's a subject he's very passionate about.

Happy Easter!


  1. Hilarious! He's incredibly fluent in his own way. One to treasure.

  2. Wow - you're going to enjoy showing that to his future girlfriends. I think he's asking for a root beer, very international of him!

  3. He sure seems to know what he's talking about even if no-one else does!! LOL

    That's SO sweet though.