Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Nowt queer as folk...

Two quick stories today about how people are just bizarre, both involving people who are dishonest and strangely honest. And possibly stupid.

First, my father in law has started a new business venture and recently opened an optician's. Last week a shifty character came in and made an appointment for an eye exam. And then spent a half an hour wandering around being shady, testing out different methods of shoplifting. The personal details he left to make an appointment were his actual name and phone number. According to the police he is recently out of jail. I was frankly shocked. I mean, how does the criminal justice system manage to land a mastermind like that? Oh yeah, they call him...

The second involves Royal Mail. We are members of Screenselect, where we receive DVDs in the post, watch them, send them back, and they send more. Pretty straightforward stuff. Two weeks ago I got an email saying two were dispatched. Never came. I've held off reporting them to Screenselect or Royal Mail because I am a procrastinator and dislike confrontation busy and important. So imagine my surprise last night when I got an email saying the next two DVDs were on their way. 'Hmmm, must have turned up,' I puzzled. But wait, if they turned up... they'd be sent to me. In the off chance they were 'Return to sender', Screenselect would have sent the same ones back out. So I looked at my account online, and it's two new titles. So... someone stole our DVDs, watched them, and returned them to Screenselect. Wonder if he'll pick these ones off too? If so, the title I'm putting at the top of our queue is 'I Know What You're Up To, Semi-honest Thieving Postie'.


  1. Ha brilliant! Great that neither of you ended up out of pocket though, maybe the world isn;t as bad as we think.

    I have put my purse or handbag down (with keys and mobile) 3 times in Bradford whilst under the influence of a little tipple. All three times got everything back, including the £50 in the wallet. And people say Bradford is bad...

  2. That is so funny...but bad.