Friday, 10 April 2009


Toddlers take on modern art

When we lived in Stockbridge (a semi-boho district of Edinburgh), there was a shop across the street that had amazing modern art paintings. Using a limited colour palette and degrees of shadows, he painted retro icons like Audrey Hepburn, Johnny Cash, Madonna and Bob Dylan but also tigers, and leopards and lions. I tried to find some of his work online to share, but I sadly couldn't find any. They were beautiful, and I really wanted one. I used to stop and stare wistfully at the window, and one day I noticed that he advertised that he also did paintings from your own pictures. So I had a small one done of Jamie when he was five months old:

Yes, he really did look this mature and intense when he was five months old. It's been on our wall for three years now and occasionally illicits interest from my kids, but yesterday my friend Liz came over with Robbie (three and a half like Jamie) and the following scene unfolded:

Robbie (pointing at the picture): Look, it's Jamie!
Jamie: Yeah, that's me!
Robbie: It's Jamie! When he was brown! When he was a monster!

Sigh... Kids just have no appreciation for modern art...


  1. Haha nothing like a bit of brutal honesty, three year old-style is there? ;)

  2. My son was very mature and intense from the minute he was born...we always say he was born a 45 year old in a baby's he's 16 and so smart and diligent and's like his body had to grow into his mind. Jamie is gorgeous and I LOVE that wonderful that you were abe to have his essence captured....toddlers just don't get it ;)

  3. Wow That is rather cool!!! Kids are soo funny in the things they say!!