Saturday 11 April 2009


Spammer sends some WTF my way...

I'm pretty used to getting Spam... normally about little blue pills, penile enlargement, winning the Nigerian lottery. You know the drill.

But I thought I'd share the strangest spam I've ever gotten, sent to my website (not even to my Hotmail) this week:

"This is a joke :) Poyser, as she got down from the cart, and saw he made at a low door at one end of the vestibule, supported by her ladies, the queen looked for permitted to display in our public places leprosy children, who ran and shouted to see if they could."

It seems clear that English is not their native tongue so maybe the hilarity is lost in translation, but what could anyone gain from sending this viral? Or maybe it was just for me... did someone browse my clothes and decide I needed cheered up?!


  1. hmmmm - sounds like a knitting project to me :-)

  2. hmmmmmm indeed.

    Someone's been drinking the loopy juice before pressing send methinks......