Tuesday 7 April 2009


Step away from the overalls

First, I would like to give a massive thank you for all your lovely comments, jokes and encouragement in the aftermath of Overallgate. What kind and helpful readers I have :)

However, if I was a Kawaii-style tooth today, this would be me:

And this is why:
Yes, that's right.... Buoyed by your enthusiasm and good will, I persisted into Version Four. Would you believe me if I said this is after I made some improvements? It was too shameful to even photgraph, but originally they had kick flare bell-bottom shorts. It was crazy stuff.

I think I have figured out why this pattern isn't working, and it's the tabs and slits. For whatever reason, having the slits nips it right in over the hips and buggers the whole fit. I can't figure out how to fix it. I'm thinking that for Version 5 I'll made it without the slits and tabs and just a bit wider in general. Or maybe elastic will make an appearance.

Better figure it out soon though, as rumour has it the Sewing Council is about to slap me with a Cease and Desist Order.


  1. I love you work and thought you deserved an AWARD! Pop over to my blog to check it out.
    B x

  2. Thanks, Beaky! I'm chuffed to bits!

  3. Hi! You've been given an award by me too! http://blackberrycrafts.typepad.com/blackberry_crafts/2009/04/praise-is-great-the-lemonade-awards.html


    Molly x

  4. People are going to be so wowed by the gorgeous baby and fabulous fabric, they'll never notice a problem with fit. :)
    I have visions of a whole little family of dwarves in your backyard wearing all the discarded overalls.

  5. Double thanks Molly!

    @Laurel: That's what I'm hoping!

  6. LOL @ the backyard of dwarves!

    Drum roll please......
    I've made my double breasted coat from the pattern I won....


    What do you think? I LOVE it!!!!