Wednesday 22 April 2009


Final version of boys coat (finally...)

Phew... it's been on my to-do list forever but I've at last managed to finalise my boys coat. I was originally going to have it double breasted like the girls coat but feedback from my tester and other people interested in the pattern suggested that a single breasted design is better for boys. And I agree!

Although the pattern also has the option of a pointed collar, I think most people will go for the hood. This one is made out of mossy green canvas on one side and a rich chestnut brown quilter's cotton on the other side. It has three buttons, the ones on the green side are made out of leather and I love them. I could only get four from the shop but I'm definitely on the look out for more now!
The difference in cut from the girls coat is more boxy, it is slightly a-line for movement's sake but definitely more boy-ish than the kick-flare on the girl's coat. It is also wider through the shoulders. The brown side has fabric covered buttons made from the green side.
I was planning on selling this at my upcoming monster fair, but against all expectation Jamie loves it (he normally treats anything I make like kryponite). He gushed 'Thank you, thank you' about a hundred times with lots of hugs and was proud enough that he wouldn't go to play with the other kids at nursery until he had shown the manageress 'his new coat'. So I guess I'll need to make another one!
Maia was insanely jealous of all the photo attention Jamie was getting, so here she is in her mummy-made coat. She was very unhappy it doesn't have a hood like Jamie's though, that's why she's pawing at her head....


  1. lovely! i wish i could sew but my machine HATES me!

  2. The boys coat is great, I love the hood. Can't wait to see what other colour combos you do.

  3. What fantastic coats - great colour combos and the fabric is lovely too. You is well clever.

  4. Ooooh - I shall start looking for fabric now in anticipation of you listing the pattern for sale.

    It's great :)

  5. It looks fantastic - well done!

  6. Gorgeous coat and I love the way you've combined the colours... you need to drop by my blog!