Wednesday 29 April 2009


Super retro, super rare, super greedy, super heroes

Next couple of days are all about appliques. Quick, easy, good time to profit ratio. So I'm churning them out.

I came across this superhero fabric last summer and snapped it right up. Then I got nervous and snapped up the rest, in the whole world. It's about ten or fifteen years out of print, and I'm pretty sure I have the last of it. See, Nic? Sometimes I don't play nice when it comes to fabric.

I'll get you yet!


Stand Back, he's mine!

How can I save her?


I don't know if I can make it! Time is running out!


  1. Super Cute!
    Nice work Fabric Girl

  2. Pow! Take That! I think I need that shirt in adult size.....

  3. Your two nephews in the states would LOVE those ! Maybe you can make them t's or something for xmas this coming year? Superhero's are all the rage around here these days.


  4. They are great! Do you just zig-zag around the edges? Jack had me making a Dr Who applique top for him yesterday and I was thinking of you, kids clothes is your thing not mine ;)