Monday 6 April 2009


Grumpiness revealed, help requested

I like Greek mythology. I spent many a dorky hour when I was younger poring over various tales of gods, goddesses, heroes and monsters. One particular story returns to me today: Hercules and the Twelve Labours. For anyone unfamiliar with this story, Hercules is given twelve seemingly impossible tasks by King Eurystheus as penance for killing his wife and children. Now, I certainly haven't committed a crime as grave as that, but here I am facing what could have been Hercules's thirteenth labour: overalls for my new nephew.

As per usual, I'm not using a pattern and am relying on a mixture of skant sewing knowledge, a bit of skill and a lot of luck to make something that is not ridiculous. And I'm on my third draft now... The first, I forgot or disregarded everything I know to be true about pattern construction. The second, I kept sewing everything on backwards so the seams were on the outside. And now I've finished my third version, and have lost the ability to be objective about whether it makes sense to persevere with a forth revision. So here they are:

It's hard to see because of the print, but it has a bib with two buttons. You can see it better in this picture:

There is a waistband type thing covering the seam between the bib and shorts and providing tabs with velcro so you can get them on and off better and hopefully gives them a little bit of adjustability.

This is what it looks like on my 6m tailor's dummy. Bear in mind that the bottom half looks a little bit skewed because the pole goes up through a leghole. The dummy is also wearing a 3-6m t-shirt to give me an idea of sizing / dimensions etc.

And this is a picture of the back:

So now, dear helpful readers... please tell me what to do:
  • A: Hang my scissors up in shame
  • B: Chalk it up to delusions of grandeur and make something easier
  • C: Proceed to revision four, Do not pass GO, Do not collect $200

If I do move to revision four (and in my heart of hearts I want to, I have the best fabric ever), here are the changes that I think I should make:

Straps narrows, bib narrowed, width through hips widened.

What do you all think?! I've lost my mind...


  1. Definitely go for draft #4. Your ideas for improvement sound good, though the only one that I think is really necessary is to widen the part below the waist. The rest is cute, but the shorts/pants part seems a bit wonky as attached to the top.

    Good luck! (And I love that frog fabric!)

  2. Hmmm, draft four as I think you're getting somewhere- it does look a bit dumpy (for want of a better word), but your adjustments should correct that :)

  3. Yeah, go ahead with draft #4. You're definitely getting there. I think they're going to be really cute. I love the fabric & the velcro!

  4. Another vote for draft 4. It is lovely fabric, too.

  5. Yep, draft 4. It looks a little top heavy otherwise, and never underestimate the size of a soggy nappy! It think it looks great, but would be even better in the green frog print. xx

  6. I go with the others. Draft 4.
    I'd put the buttons on the bib and the button holes on the straps. Just my personal preference.

  7. What they all said!
    Maybe take a break from it for a couple of days, and when you come back to it you'll be all enthused and focused again.

  8. Have to agree with the others - 4 it is! But when you pass Go, instead of collecting £200, make yourself a cup of tea and sit down with a cake...

  9. Yes, widen the shorts part and I think you are on to something by narrowing the straps and the bib, I'd also make the bib a little shorter and the straps a little longer...remember with an infant how anything near their neck just bunched up and was in the way when breastfeeding, or bottle feeding?

  10. I really like the way that the pattern is going. I think that the suggestions you made will improve on the design. I cant wait to see draft 4!

  11. I agree you should continue and widen the bottom half, but I love the top the way it is! I like the thicker straps, and I really think it is adorable as is! Good job! I wish I could make something like that without a pattern!

  12. Yup, draft 4 for sure! The bottom half def. needs the extra width for ease and balance. As a former cloth nappy user, it was really frustrating to find gorgeous baby clothes that just didn't have the extra wee bit of give around the bum to fit in the extra bulk. Good luck - I admire your patience and perseverance!