Saturday 4 April 2009


I've been featured in a proper magazine!

Further to my post about being secretive, I can now reveal which magazine my woodland matinee jacket has appeared in! It's called Sustained, and it's a wonderful eco-magazine with the aim to get the public to consider making small changes to their lifestyle to make them more sustainable and ethically led. It is distributed free at organic food shops, with veg boxes, at farmers markets and libraries. It has a readership of 60,000! My jacket is at the top right corner... click on the photo to visit the magazine (the feature is on pages 28-29):

I'm really overjoyed to make it into a national magazine, and even more pleased to be part of a collection of really wonderful things from independant makers.


  1. Well done! You must be very proud...

  2. Big well done! That is so cool, I'd like ot try get in some magazines once I have my own website

  3. Well done, you deserve it! Hope the hubby was pleased for you!!

  4. You're going to be way too famoooose to blog to us plebs :-) Well done, we'll all bathe in your reflected glory :-)

  5. Well done, you! How they picked only one of your creations is the real wonder. They are all so cute!

  6. How awesome is that. I'm not surprised at all.