Tuesday 21 April 2009


A pleasant surprise from Down Under

I was checking out my web stats today and there were a huge amount of visitors from Australia and New Zealand. Hmmm, I thought, better check that out! Imagine my shock when I saw that I've been featured by Babyology!

If you can't read that small, here's what it says:

"I'm a sucker for sweet girly clothing featuring fabulously combined fabric prints and Kitschy Coo sure delivers the goods. The undeniable highlights of the collection are the double-breasted coats. My favourite is the orange one with birds. You can still go for the peasant dress and tunics, even though we're heading into cooler weather. Regular readers would have heard me carry on about layering before, so put on some leggings and a long-sleeved comfy top and the peasant dress will snazz up the base perfectly.

For boys I love the Frog print hoodie in black and white and the faboosh Superhero rompers. I fondly remember flying both my babies around in the air like chubby-cheeked cherubic heroes and these rompers in sizes 0-6m or 6-12m would perfectly compliment those moments.

Buy Kitschy Coo at
Folksy, and if you don't see the right size coat for your kidlets, email Amanda and chances are she'll be able to meet your requirements."

What a lovely surprise! They used these pictures too (guess they love the frogs as much as me!):


  1. Well done, dear Kitschy, not surprised they picked up on your site, your stuff is just too, too lovely!

  2. I just wish my son's gf would hurry up and provide me with a grandchild! How am I going to indulge my love of kitschykoo goodness until then?

  3. Interesting! What do you use to track your visitors?

  4. Well done! I do love that frog fabric too, it's gorgeous :)