Monday 13 April 2009


Special Easter blouse and the biggest candy haul ever

We were invited to an Easter Egg hunt at friends of Steven's parents yesterday and I wanted to make something special for Maia to wear.

I don't like things that are too fussy or fancy (she's not much of a princess-ey girl plus she has no dressy shoes), but I wanted to make something a bit dressier than the utilitarian wear she's normally attired in. So a compromise-- a functional swing top and fancy sleeves.

I've been thinking about butterfly sleeves for awhile now, I really like the look of them. I couldn't find a tute anywhere so I just winged it (do pardon the pun). I think it looks super cute added to the swing top, although perhaps they could do with being a bit narrower, they're quite sticky-outey.

The fabric is Aviary by Alexander Henry, and it's one of my favourites (yes, I know I say that about everything). The colours are just so lush. You wouldn't think bright moss green, pink, red, and orange would work together- but I think they do!

Stinking cute pigtails in place, we headed down to the party and had a lovely afternoon. The hosts were so very nice (and more than a little bit generous), we ate incredibly yummy food and met lots of nice people. Jamie had great fun running around with the other kids, Maia had great fun helping herself to any juice box she could find, I had great fun with a couple of glasses of cava.

They had a huge egg piñata, and Jamie and Maia thought it hilarious when all the candy fell out.

Jamie was overjoyed to get his mitts on some Chuppa Chups. He collected enough to make a lollipop bouquet but as he doesn't actually like them, he just put them back in the piñata. I immediately called the agency and promptly put him up for adoption. You just don't do things like that.

But as you can see, he took his responsibilities very seriously. The message of 'rounding things up and putting them away' has been deeply ingrained, which is something I should be proud of I suppose.

The main event was the candy hunt. They must have spent hundred - nay, thousands- on all the candy hidden in the front and back gardens. Eggs were everywhere, up tress, in bushes, car wheels, flower pots, window sills. It was like Hansel and Gretel.

Even Maia had a latent talent for spotting them, and took to the task with precocious efficiency.

And here's the haul! And aren't we lucky that the kids are too young to inventory the spoils....


  1. Awwwww, this looked like a great day.....Right I've got some mini eggs somewhere....

  2. that is one cool cute kid! I love the sleeves and the bird print is fab.

  3. Lovely top, the sleeves really work well. Is there one place in particular you get your Alexander Henry fabric from? I've been looking on the web, but there are so many different places!

  4. So glad you enjoyed yourselves! We loved your company. xxx.
    P.S Mija's top was lovely.