Friday, 11 December 2009


Camo hoodies and Supermodelling

My cyberpal DomesticKat send me some proper Army-issue camoflague fabric to make two hoodies for five year olds for Christmas and here they are:

Blue Camo

Khaki Camo

And here's Maia modelling the two other cowl neck tops. I don't think I made it clear enough on the original post... I am hemming the sleeves and bottom hem edge, it was the pockets I wasn't sure if I needed to hem.

But I concede it does look much better, and I agree that the kangaroo pocket is the best. Certainly according to anecdotal evidence...

And here's the french terry one, which incidently, matches absolutely nothing in her trouser drawer.

My Count My Chickens Before They Hatch Sale is a bit quieter than I was anticipating, so please feel free to contact me about making custom orders too.


  1. Wow Amanda!

    They both look gorgeous. Im really happy with how they look. I bet the kids are going to love them :-D

    Thanks love

    Kat xxx

  2. I'm having a fabric nightmare at the moment. Looks like I wont get it until the new year sometime. Rubbish. When I get it, custom orders a go go though.mikene

  3. Oh beleive me if it was payday i'd have ordered a tonne of stuff by now and paid the rest of ym coat money. fabulous stuff!

  4. Great hoodies, Womens hooded tops are so in fashion right now, am sure thye will love them even if they were not.