Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Not Halloween, but Thanksgiving

As I mentioned heaps of times already, we were invited to Thanksgiving Saturday at a friend's house. Cathy is an ex-pat American like me, her husband Gustaf is Swedish and they have an adorable boy a little bit younger than Jamie. Here are some pictures of what the kids got up to while the adults were eating delectable-but-not-aesthetically-pleasing-pie:

If you're thinking that these pictures are so awesome purely because their house is tidy and presentable and kids in costumes are cute, you're wrong. Gustaf is a professional photographer and knows what he's doing. Just look at this picture he took of his son:

from here, but also showcased on

I'm going to put photography skillz right at the top of my Reasons to be Jealous of Gustaf list. Right above the fact he is from Sweden and therefore knows Alexander Skarsgard (because eveyone in Sweden knows each other) and because he is very tall (also unfair).

But... I'm also thinking I might have to hire him. As you might have noticed, most of my clothing pictures are going unmodelled lately because it is too cold for outdoor pictures and indoors we don't have a single clear space for anything that would even be in the realm of professional. Maybe a pie / picture exchange?


  1. You might not have jell-o but your Ikea stuff rocks :)

  2. Yes, for a minute, I thought, 'Whoa, this woman has got herself a spanking new camera!' Almost got me jealous there. Not saying anything bad about your pictures, oh no, don't get me wrong, but the quality has sure turned out different! :D

    Right, I need to ask my Swede friends if they know each another, haha!