Sunday 27 December 2009


Warning: contains awesomeness

Remember when I said everyone was getting a Thinsulate-based gift for Christmas? They did. They took a lot longer to make than you'd think. Because drawing on Thinsulate with markers is actually very hard.

For Jamie, in homage to The Love of the Dida, a Ryvita cosy:

For Maia, in homage to The Love of Boobies, a pretty brooch:
For Steven, in homage to His Love for Me, a Thinsulate covered notebook:

And look, he likes it so much he's already on page three!

Please try not to be overcome with jealousy. Maybe one day you can marry into my family and get hooked up with Thinsulate gifts too.


  1. Steven needs to upgrade 'funny' to Comic Genius.

    Love it!


  2. Ahahahahahahaha that is pretty excellent

  3. Love it! When are they going on the shop then?

  4. HAHA that is ace!! You are indeed a genius.

  5. Fabulously wonderful!!! And I second the vote for "Comic Genius". I think that should get a page or two all unto itself.

  6. "Maybe one day you can marry into my family and get hooked up"... I love this line and that you give us all hope.