Sunday, 20 December 2009


Getting into the festive spirit

We were kindly invited to an early Christmas lunch at Robbie and Emma's house yesterday.

Crackers were pulled...

Hats were worn...

A veritable feast was put on, of which my kids ate nothing despite threats that they would not get any ice cream. I was saved from following this threat through by the table collapsing and all four kids and their food landing in a heap on the floor.

So ice cream was doled out...

And some chocolate sauce too...

The boys sang a carol to celebrate.

Sprinkles fought over...

But added with great satisfaction.

And then the games!

Where does Jamie get his moves?!

Otherwise know as herding cats.


  1. I love the look on Jamie's face in the sprinkle fight. I think I saw that look on my own ds's face last night... Classic!!

  2. Ha ha Jamie's moves are epic!