Wednesday, 23 December 2009


The Snow dress

This velveteen dress is a custom order for a six year old and the first one I made with my new spotty binding.

As you can see from the background, Edinburgh finally got the snow the rest of the UK has been experiencing this week. And it is the absolute perfect consistency for snowmen.

We started working on a giant snowman Santa in our back garden but the children didn't take it as seriously as some other people did (can you guess?) so it was shelved until I can lower my expectations this afternoon.

Or maybe even after they're in bed. I might have to go out with a flashlight tonight to finish.


  1. That dress is gorgeous! Regards the snowman, I know just what you mean - our stunted little affair, finished when the kids got fed up- is almost buried by the new snow fall. Merry Christmas x

  2. Jamie looks like he is efficiently getting on with a very good snowman indeed in the background of that last picture.
    And, how come you got snowman snow? We got total powder that wouldn't stick together at all.
    Finally, spotty binding. Lovely!