Monday, 7 December 2009


The Edinburgh and Rocket Hoodies

The Thursday before the fair was all about hoodies, with four completed and another four partially completed. It was just as well that I traded sleep for zippers, because two of them sold (including the undocumented The Hoodie That Never Was). But two remain, and here they are:

This is what I'm calling The Edinburgh Hoodie. Why? Because this is exactly what Edinburgh looks like.

Notice for all the construction vehicles and disruption there are no actual workers. They have clearly just made a mess and then buggered off. The only thing that would make this a more accurate representation of Edinburgh would be little people shaking their fists and huge freakin traffic jams.

And this little beauty has cute polkadot rockets in blue, red and orange.

The two hoodies that sold were blue based and red based. If not sure if people were put off these two because they are both predominately white backgrounds... Should I avoid lighter coloured fabric in future?


  1. Hmm. While they are very beautiful, I think I'd tend to non-white-based when buying for either of my spawn. And yes, Edinburgh is exactly like that.

  2. Yes, I agree - both absolutely lovely, but too white and stain-showing for my grubby trio.

  3. I think that first hoodie could also represent Texas. Nice to know that some things cross such cultural barriers! I think they're both adorable, but I am also one of those no-white-clothes-for-my-grubby-kids parents.

  4. Definitely an Edinburgh hoodie! My kids a re perpetually dirty no matter what colour they are in so I have started to embrace the white. At least it gives me an excuse for why it's dirty!

  5. love them! and that's what Boston looks like too!

    congrats on having a good fair with no natural deserve it :)

  6. I agree with Jane in principle, but I have to give myself a good talking to before I allow my mucky daughter to wear her white summer dresses! I probably have to wash her beloved blue manga girls hoodie just as much as I would if it were white too. Maybe lighter backgrounds will sell better in the Spring?
    I give both a big thumbs up :)

  7. Another mom with dirty kids here! Plus, I tend to get a little nervous with clothes that have a lot of red with white. I have way too many pink and red items that started out white and red. Plus, I can't bleach it.

    So I prefer all dark or all light for laundry's sake.

  8. I never give that consideration which is why my brood permanently look like wee scamps ;) I think they're awesome, personally.

  9. They're fantastic! And my construction-vehicle-obsessed child would LOVE the Edinburgh hoodie. What size is it, if you still have it!!