Thursday, 17 December 2009


And then Jesus did what?!

Today was our very first nativity play and it was adorable. Before you start wondering when Rudolph met the baby Jesus (or the baby Cheesa as Jamie says), it was a pageant of two halfs. First, the religious bits. Second, the carols. Although he's been rehearsing for more than a month Jamie eyed the proceedings with his usual, 'What the hell is going on here, then?' But it was funny seeing what those crazy kids were doing, and he enjoyed himself.

This is his very authentic shepherd's costume. I didn't even make the tea towel, that's how busy I've been.

I apologise for the quality of the video. It was so crowded I had to kneel on the floor right next the mother with the best video camera official videographer and hold the camera aloft with both hands and tape blindly. And if my hand is unsteady, it's because Maia took advantage of my hands in the air stance and enthusiastically felt me up with both hands. I'm looking forward to buying the official video and listening to her murmurings of 'Mmmm, boobies!' over the kids singing.


  1. What you didn't make the tea towel! :-) Cute, Is that a stick on red nose...

  2. Wow, they let you take pics and film and everything? How very backwards. You could have been a paediatrician or anything;-)

  3. I'd say it'd be a good blackmail video for later but the crossdressing pics take the cake on that. This could be good backup though.


  4. Awwww he looks so shy but proud of himself! Wee scone x