Saturday, 5 December 2009


The Elves are going to get you

I'm going to be at my fair today but you might be wondering, 'What are the kids going to do?'. My guess? Watching this. All. Day. Long.

Vonnie posted a link in Facebook to a site called Portable North Pole, where you fill in a big form about your child and then by magic (or an Access Database), Santa sends a message just for you, using the relevant personal data. The only down side is that you have to chose from pre-determined answers. I wanted Santa to say 'Jamie, if you want to get any presents this year, you have to stay in your bed. I mean it.' But 'listen to Mum and Dad is good too', if less effective.

We haven't shown them to the kids yet. It could be fun. Or it could be terrifying. Just look:

Those sinister elves are spying on children to 'make sure that they're being good'. Or plotting to stab them in their beds and then eat their souls. It kind of looks like that latter.


  1. We did this last year - they were amazed!!!!

    Thanks for posting the link - saves me having to find it again as I had forgotten the name <3

  2. The terrible thing is, I put on FAR too good an act, and Item is completely sold. She thinks elves are watching her ALl THE TIME. What have we done?!