Saturday 19 December 2009


Wintery fleece hat with ear flaps

We had our first snowfall this week and there's more expected today. It's officially the time to break out the winter hats. But Jamie doesn't really have any winter hats, because his preternaturally large head renders all hats Beanies.

I know, I know... I said I was going to take last night off from my sewing slavedom. And I did, mostly. It doesn't count if it takes less than 30 minutes.

They're so quick to make I really have no excuse for not making Maia one too. Well, I have a tiny excuse in that I was reacquainting myself with Twitter and catching up on your blogs... But still, I so should have because they've been fighting over it for three hours now. Think I need me some of those slightly superfluous ear flaps.


  1. I just adore their dimples! Lovely wee hats Amanda :)

  2. Your children are gorgeous! I love your hats. My little girl has a new hat, she puts it on as she gets out of bed only taking it off when she gets back in!

    What will you do when they get too old to model your clothes??

    Have a lovely Christmas x

  3. Lovely hat. I might have to whip one up for my son who also has a ridiculously large head. He wears an adult sized beanie.
    Also as a funny side note, my son has the same pjs as your daughter. He calls them his "oo-oo ah-ah" jammies.