Wednesday, 16 December 2009


The Satanic Dress

One of my favourite customers wanted the Underwater Sister party frock from my sale but it had already gone to another of my favourite customers. I offered to make another but she wasn't enamoured with the orange linen reverse side. I wracked my brains and scoured my fabric closet for an alternative. Because my life is just like Faust, Mephistopheles appeared with a fabric in his hands...

A gorgeous chocolate brown velvet with tiny spots that perfectly matches the mermaids' hair. I forgot I had it, all five metres of it. This is probably because I have a guardian angel.

This spotty velvet looks innocent enough, but if Satan had a fabric range, this would be his bestseller. It was very close to impossible to sew with. It slipped all over the place even when I pinned it to death.

Take a very good look, because this might be the only time you see this fabric. Unless I burn it on a pyre and take pictures. Or get amnesia.


  1. I love the dress even if it is evil incarnate.

  2. I love it--absolutely gorgeous and worth the trouble, I'd say!

  3. Woh! It looks sooooo beautiful. I made a sound like this 'sqweeeeeeeeeeee!' when I saw it.
    What you really meant though was, 'The Beelzebub of customers ordered a dress from one of my favourite fabrics';-)

  4. And of course I am very sorry if the fabric caused you problems. Should have just told me to bugger off with my finickity requests!!

  5. Another stunning creation! There are some very lucky little girls around.