Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Two fingers to pockets

Thanks to all who offered advice on the pocket quandary yesterday. I made a couple more variations on the theme... This one is dress length with two rounded pockets.

She? Delighted with the pockets.

Me? Not so much. Putting the pockets on took longer than making the actual dress.

This one has a kangaroo pocket. Both are edged with ribbon.

But not enough that I felt angsty about using my beautiful ribbon up.

This one is a gorgeous french terry fabric, the first time I've used this (although I've used the blue colourway before for kimono dresses). With absolutely no pockets.

Question to the doyennes of fleece: Do you hem the fleece or just stitch close to the edge because fleece doesn't unravel? I narrow hemmed both, for the rounded pockets this was obviously more tricky? Or should I just line them so hemming is unnecessary?


  1. I'm liking the kangaroo pocket lots!

  2. I love the Kangaroo pocket and really, really love the French terry! Personally i always prefer a hemmed edge, even if it does not unravel, it makes it look finished! As for the pockets, Ive not lined any in Roo's fleece dresses before, but i like the idea now you have said it ( a nice contracting colour) However the joy of fleece is that it is supposed to be quick and easy (as well as snuggly warm) So The lining is probably more work than is necessary! Which is probably why i never do it, coz im lazy!
    x K

  3. I love kangaroo pockets :)
    Maybe hem the fleece but do it with a zigzag stitch? I'd prefer a hem, looks more finished. (or what Kym said :)

  4. Lovely, lovely, are you selling the pattern (or planning to)? It looks great and I have a stash of fleece fabric that I really should be doing stuff with...

    I've also tagged you over at mine.

  5. Love the pockets! I usually hem fleece the way I hem knits - with a straight stretch stitch or double needle, but I don't double fold them, since that gets pretty bulky. I don't like zigzag hems personally - I think they scream "homemade". Don't line them though - fleece is so snuggly next to your skin. *I write this while wearing a snuggly fleece jacket.*

  6. I LOVE the kangaroo pocket. I'm not so sure about the two rounded pockets, the placing just doesn't look quite right to me?

    Also I think a hem looks like a more professional finish.

  7. Yes to the hem it looks soooo much tidier and 'finished', def yes to kangaroo pockets. Not so keen on rounded pockets - either for looking at or using - kids only seem to use big kangaroo style ones IMO. Or just no pockets :) saves emptying them before the wash to save tissues being washed and scattered over all the washing!