Monday, 14 December 2009


The worst swap in history (but not for me)

Our photographer pal Gustaf kindly offered to swap terrible baking for photos so on Friday we hopped on the bus with our Angst Cookies and a big bag of clothes. Not the cookies that said 'Kill me now', I ate those shortly after Steven found them in the kitchen and thought I was leaving elaborate and creative suicide notes. Incidently, Steven also found the 'WTF, Steven? Get a life!' note last week before reading my blog so my hiliarity just keeps giving. Anyway, this is supposed to be about the pictures. Gah, the pictures...

Underwater Sisters tunic The Edinburgh Hoodie Mocca flowers tunic Yui Kokeshi charcoal tunic Mirabelle tunic Red Tulips tunic
Ginger blossoms tunic
Fuschia Euro flowers dress
Turquoise Euro flowers dress

This dress marked the end of her cooperation and I don't blame her. But Gustaf still managed to take some really awesome candid pictures.

Exactly how ashamed should I be that I gave angst cookies for these pictures?!


  1. Hey great swap! (Offending and terrifying ones partner is lifes most under-rated pleasure!)

  2. I agree, great pics. Only problem is that now Gustav will have to take all of your photos!
    LMAO at Steven finding your suicide cookies. Michaels new boss found my blog the week he started his new job a few years back. Whoops! I have cleaned up my act now and only write about boring, inoffensive things...oooh and seal parn ;)

  3. Cool photos. Some people like angst, so maybe angst cookies was a win/win swap?

  4. Must be some tasty angst cookies, that means. These pictures are perfect!

  5. Great photos, you will just have to keep baking....

  6. I do a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake that has made grown men weep, can I get some photos too please? ;)