Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Bank holiday round up

We had a lovely four day weekend here, with a bit of nice weather yesterday, but it's back to business as usual. So just a quick one from me today, I'm not going to tell you how many emails I'm behind on, but it's shocking.
  • Transactions I submitted feedback for on Etsy this morning: 182 (oops)
  • Number of orange bird coats sold: 1
  • Remaining metres of orange bird print fabric after cutting coat: <1
  • Therefore, totally justifiable trips to IKEA to get more: 1
  • Hours spent on bus going to and from IKEA: 2
  • Number of pages of Stephen Fry's autobiography read on bus: 152
  • Number of metres of orange bird fabric I panic bought: 13
  • Number of metres of red twill I panic bought: 3
  • Number of metres of a lovely new fabric I guiltily impulse bought: 2
  • Total metres of fabric I carried home in a massively heavy backpack: 18
  • Pairs of shoes we intended on buying at Vincent's: 2
  • Pairs of shoes we did buy at Vincent's: 4
  • Rubbish movies watched: 1 (The Day the Earth Stood Still)
  • Good movies watched: 3 (Gomorrah, Milk, Frost/Nixon)
  • Number of times my new friend Lucy's adorable baby Emily sold a Matryoshka shirt for me: 2
  • Number of cheerios eaten off the floor 'like a doggy': 400
  • Number of pillowcase dresses I sold that I'd never shared on my blog: 1
  • Number of times I thought, "I wish the kids would relax before bed instead of running around like lunatics: infinite


  1. Bwahahaha I love your kids.

    P.S. 18 metres of fabric in a backpack on a bus?! Are you insane?!

  2. Wow! You carried 18 metres of fabric on the bus! That is good going :-) I love the fabric though, it's stunning. I feel a trip to IKEA is on the cards :-)

  3. Lucky you! IKEA never have any in orange for me :-( I have (or had)the black birdie print with the white and pink birds. And I have some of the retro looking floral you bought, it's now several beautiful bags!

    Brave you on the bus, were there children in tow too?!

    Feeling the need for an IKEA trip soon.....


  4. Our IKEA never usually have the orange in either.

    Until last week, when you walked in there were 3 MASSIVE fabric hangings, front AND back - each a different fabric from that bird/black/orange range hanging all the way down the FOUR STOREY staircase.
    It's all gone now - I think a few people must have got a good bargain in bargain corner for that lot!!!!

    Love the pillowcase dress!

  5. ...and that shoe website looks lovely! Never heard of Vincents before - none near me, but I love the shoes :)

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  7. That orange bird is Ikea?? I need!! I have the blue that you have from ikea, still to be used ;)
    Well done on the 18meters of fabric though, that must have been a big ruck-sac!!
    So your ready made stuff is selling on Etsy now? See, all that stress for the fayre, now all you have to do is take the (virtual) money and post your stuff out ;)

  8. Oh maybe I will have to brave ikea with the kids! I love the little coat. The orange fabric is divine!

  9. My darling was delighted with Jamie and Maia, she then proceeded to take her t-shirt off and said she'd like to live in your house! Would that be Ok? You wouldn't even notice her, potty trained and scissor trained so she could help even!

  10. I think that my kids and your kids could really, really wreck some stuff. Far more efficiently than they can do on their own.