Saturday, 16 May 2009


Birthday roundup: smallpox cake and excursions

Okay, I know you've all been dying to see which cartoon character I bastardized in cake form (as is the tradition in this family) for Maia's birthday. Spongebob and Peppa Pig were the forerunners, I even considered a tandem friendship shot but it probably would have blown their wee minds, as well as look doubly terrible. So Peppa it was. This was probably my most risky endevour to date, as Peppa has a somewhat *ahem* phallic bone structure so it could have gone oh-so-inappropriately wrong. In the end I downsized her snout and upsized her face, which was clearly deliberate rather than just my artistic shortcomings. When my cake when baking, it gained a crispy flaky crust which I should have scraped off before icing (but didn't), so Peppa has the appearance of the pox under her pan-stick make-up exterior. She's smiling to put on a brave face, but her cold dead raisin eyes tell a different story. But nevermind, Jamie ate with relish. Maia turned her nose up.

So what of the rest of the day? We went to East Links Country farm, where the kids patently ignored the animals but instead availed themselves of all the other activities on offer. Apologies for the number of pics, I normally create a wee slideshow in Kodakgallery for such occassions but I'm too lazy busy to multitask.

Riding trikes


Going down tunnels



Being chauffered about

Being taught by Mum to take risks and be adventurous

But Jamie can't bear to look and Maia is indifferent

Eating ice cream


Taking a train through the white light of the afterlife animal enclosure

Checking out the animals

Watching / performing magic. This was their favourite bit, in the Shooting Ball Room. After filling this tube with foam balls, a push of the button and they'd all shoot out.

I love the wonder on their faces...


  1. Looks like a fantastic day - and the cake is *way* better than the one Kathryn got. With hers, it just gets iced pink. No pictures. Himself makes them and ices them, not bad, but he doesn't do pictures.

  2. Aw, your Peppa has a massive ball bag! Still, impressive work!

  3. lol at massive ball bag - I had to go back and look. She does indeed, but I didn't notice until it was pointed out by someone else. Great job! I shudder to think what that cake made by me would look like.

    Looks like the kiddies had a great time, what a fun place you went to!

  4. awww what a fun day!
    i think the cake is great - the fact that you took the time to bake and ice it means more than what it looks like - hmmm that sounds wrong but you know what i mean, i hope!!