Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Bad news sandwich

Did anyone read in the paper last week about Gordon Brown's legendary temper? Apparently, he is so volatile that his aides have to give him 'bad news' sandwiches: good news, bad news, good news. Sounds like a good plan, so here's my bad news sandwich for you.

I have a new best friend. Not a real person. Not even a cyber crafty person. I am, of course, talking about the twin needle. I heart it. Amanda and twin needle, BFF. It's been helping me make appliques out of my Echino scooters and cars:

Maybe you wondered where I was yesterday as I have nearly a 100% track record for posting every day. I wasn't going to tell you why because a woman's gotta keep a bit of mystique, and it's a bit personal. But as we're all women here (except for my Dad, and he likes hearing about medical problems), here goes. I didn't blog yesterday because I was wallowing in self-pity and pain. I have thrush again. This has been a major problem for me, for ever. When I'm pregnant I have it for nine months, when I'm not I get it probably six times a year. And we're talking no minor irritation here, we're talking 'can't sleep, can't concentrate, can't move, I want to be sedated until it's over' pain. Sometimes I feel like I'm single-handedly propping up the pharmaceutical industry. But with three days to go until my fair, like they say in show business, 'The show must go on'.

So here's my other good news, another money belt. It makes me happy, and has plenty of pockets for all my pharmaceuticals.


  1. Loving the money-belt, but couldn't you get some fabric with that well known British song-bird on it? ;o)
    Or did you choose cars because the *thrush* is *driving* you mad?

  2. aawww,I feel so for you Amanda....some fellow mom/super achiever advice... after this fair, you need a rest...treat yourself to something lovely :) maybe that weekend away?

  3. The money belt is fab!
    Hope the lady bits are feeling better in time for the fair, bloody nightmare!

  4. My new sewing machine came with the capability to use a double needle- and I figured I play with ti but what good would it be? Now I can't wait to find out.
    I'm sorry that you're not feeling well. Have you tried eating more yogurt or some kind of pro-biotic supplement? Thrush is an intense yeast right? the probiotics cure me right up- but I'm betting I"m not getting as badly as you are...feel better!

  5. At 405am this morning (read my blog ;o) ), after the initial 'why the heck can't I sleep', I lay there thinking about money belts and how I need one. See what you are doing to me!!
    I feel for you. My sis gets it real bad (she's going to love me telling you that!!) and she stopped eating marmite and it got better, not gone. That and cotton pants and no lycra gym pants.

  6. @jbjb: Maybe I could make my apron advertising space for canestan?

    @jennifer: can't wait for the fair to be over, I've been having a book moratorium the last few weeks. Looking forward to going and buying a bunch of books and reading in bed *swoon*

    @Daisie: Thanks, feeling very sorry for myself :(

    @Shellei: It's the first time I've used it too! Most of the appliques I do don't have straight edges so I've never bothered. Good for neat lines! A tip though: when you get to the corner you have to stop and cut, not turn. If you just pivot your threads will get tangled and snap! And thanks for the tip, I'm getting yogurted up as we speak :)

    @Nic: Gutted the lycra bike shorts are out :( And yes, money belts are obsessive! Thinking I should make some more and wear them to the shops etc. Any excuse!

  7. Hope you're feeling better. A friend of mine used to have a similar problem. She holds it off by cotton underwear, no biological washing powder on the underwear, greek yoghurt (live stuff)both eating it and sitting it in when she feels like she's about to have thrush again. She said it's a lifestyle change to keep it under control:(

  8. Looking forward to going and buying a bunch of books and reading in bed *swoon*

    good for you ! hope you feel better soon :) and i know you will "rock" the fair!

    p.s. i am now "littlebirdsfly" wrote my first post today!!!!

  9. Awww poppet that's horrid. Get those jeans off and into something loose and cotton (frog tunic and socks!?). I find when I eat lots of sugar my skin starts to complain and for some reason caffeine seems to get me too. But I think it is probably just your body feeling the strain!! You deserve to feel well, look after you!