Sunday, 3 May 2009


Tears before bedtime, now with *sigh* action pic

As you know, I've been working like mad sewing things for the fair and I'm more than a little bit burnt out. So with Steven out with friends last night I thought, 'How about I give myself a wee break and make the Socialite Dress? What a special treat for me! I'm going to rock that frog print!'

Let me remind you, this is my first attempt at making something for myself. And maybe my last, because I do not rock it. I really struggled with the 5/8" seam allowance, it's a huge amount compared to the 1/4" I normally use. I shortened it to tunic length because I just don't wear dresses but regret my decision because the bell cut looks worse without the length to balance it. I finished at 2:30 in the morning, and after studying myself in the mirror, I was reminded of this:
A froggy dinner lady tabbard. I had hoped that I would be making myself something suitable for the occassion of meeting Friend Sarah in town tonight for drinks a business meeting. But I think I've put her through enough recently.
So here it is in all it's baggy froggy glory. I did actually take the chest in four inches this morning to give it a more fitted shape.


  1. There is no way you could look like a dinner-lady! Maybe you just don't do other people's patterns. You see, you need to upsize to making your patterns in grown-up sizes so we can all feel as cool as the kids (can't wait for an asymetric collar coat in my size!).

  2. What are you havering about, woman? All that needs is a sexy belt, something nice and bright (I'm thinking orange?) to be upscaled for a night-out dress. I think it's gorgeous and you're just fishing for compliments :p

  3. it really doesnt look as bad as you think i'd wear it

  4. @Nicky: Still dream of making myself a coat! Maybe one day...

    @Vonnie: I'm pleading not guilty to the charges of fishing for compliments :p But, yes, it does look better with a belt. It's waaaaayyyy too short to be a dress though!

    @Shell: Thanks :) The more I wore, the more comfortable I felt. Think I could do it on the beach maybe!

  5. I have been drooling over this pattern ever since it first came out, deliberating whether I should buy it or not. I don't wear dresses and tend to shorten them to tunics too :)
    The fabric you chose it gorgeous! Wear it with a pair of black skinny jeans and it'll look fab!

    from one fabric junkie to another-

    happy blogging and happy sewing!

  6. "Mmmm" in a slightly questioning tone to the dress, but "YAY", you have things stuffed under your bed!

  7. It looks good! Admittedly I haven't bought anything for myself bar long sleeved t-shirts since my daughter was born, so I'm not really a good critic, but it looks good to me.

  8. I can see with a fab figure you might want something which shows it off a little more, I am wanting red ric-rac around the bottom and a yo-yo stack in black and white with a red button centre at the neck. Or maybe a red long sleeve tee underneath? But yay too for the stuff under the bed!

  9. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping stuff for myself (if I know it will sell!).
    Other times, I have a hard time letting go of something to sell it!

    Neat blog!

    Sylvia C.