Friday, 1 May 2009


Maia performs magic

Further to my post yesterday on nakedness, I'm going to step over the line into the realm of 'Way Too Much Information'. If you are prudish, or squeamish (or just like Cheerios), DO NOT PROCEED.

While Maia was having naked breakfast this morning, I was on the computer (where else?). She shuffled over to me, with a cheeky grin on her face. She showed me her empty hands, like 'Look, nothing here.' And then, I kid you not, she had a root around down below and pulled a Cheerio out of her bits. She held it aloft with a triumphant grin, 'Ta da!' So I guess we can add magician to the list.


  1. well der ... Where else are you supposed to keep your cherios if you don't have any pockets!

  2. AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Well done Maia!

    To be fair, I actually thought this was going to be a poo story. Very glad it's not! Hope her cough isn't bothering her today.

  3. I'm concerned about what happened to the cheerio after..... ;)

  4. That really should have come with a "coffee" warning:) Giggling like crazy here.

  5. what a resourceful child ;) as MoederKip pointed out, in the absence of pockets, one must get creative...

  6. @MoederKip and Jennifer: You're completely right, who needs pockets when you have lady bits?!

    @Vonnie: Cough is pretty wracking, doesn't seem to bother her as much as it bothers me though!

    @kleinzonnetje: Well, I wasn't going to say, but I think it was meant to be my 'prize'. I declined.

    @Louiz: I did put a warning, honest!!

  7. Warning yes, coffee warning no! You know, put down coffee, tea, anything that you might otherwise spit on your keyboard....

  8. Oh, I thought you meant coffee warning like 'Brace yourself, get yourself a coffee before reading'... You're right I should have warned you about spilling / spitting. I'm just grateful other people saw the humour in it, I was nervous that I'd be branded a pervert for posting it...

  9. This and the fact that I spent the last evening packing up my little one's 3T clothes and getting out the 4s really make me miss having a little, little one.

    It does kind of make you wonder what else she's been working this kind of "magic" on though...

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  11. Re-post 'cos I can't spell!!!

    Maia sounds like she's fantastic entertainment.

    Katie did similar the other day saying "Awien (Alien) up mine bottom"
    I just laughed and didn't know what the heck she was on about ..until she pulled a small toy alien from between the top of her thighs... :D not quite as bad as the hiding in your lady bits scenario thoough!!

    If you were not so far away I would love to suggest a playdate with Vonnies little one and our two - we'd be cracked up laughing at them all I think.

  12. HAHA! That's ace. How kind of her to hide them there for you.