Sunday 17 May 2009


How did I not know about this?!

After a mostly agreeable photoshoot with the kids yesterday afternoon, I spent the remainder of the day updating my Etsy shop with all my Ready To Ship stock. It's soooo laborious going through each one individually and by the time I'd added more than thirty listings, I was ready to (insert your own melodramatic behaviour here).

Then I saw a twitter: 'wow, so glad i found etsyhacks, makes supply listing SO much easier" and I was intrigued. I went over to Etsyhacks and found that if I installed Firefox and a couple of other programmes that I could make subsequent listings based on existing listings: No copy and pasting descriptions, no re-tagging 14 things, no re-categorising, no shipping profiles. It's all carried through, except for the photos. Whilst I wish that I had known about this yesterday morning, I'm happy that I can use it to finish filling up my shop with greater ease.

Now that I've been chanting 'shop, shop, shop' I'm sure you feel subliminally compelled to check it out for yourself. Click on the links below to see dozens of cute pics in the relevant categories. Ignore that Jamie makes a camp 'hands on hips' pose in most shots, I'm just grateful he let me take some pictures at all. Hopefully my shop will be fully stocked tonight, although I've discovered that a second Maia photoshoot is required....

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  1. Can't thank you enough for sharing this one! I just clicked on the Estyhacks link to check it out, and this is just what the Dr. ordered! I have a project I am working on, in which I want to launch on Etsy soon, and this little tool you shared looks like it will certainly come in handy!!! THANK YOU!