Monday 18 May 2009


Something cool, something clever and something random

  • Something cool:

    I got an email from my sister in law in Boston with a very mind-blowing story. When she was at the local playground with my niece, she saw a little girl wearing my polka-dot asymetrical coat. When she asked the lady where she bought it, she said she bought it online from a seller in Europe!

  • Something clever:

    Our house has turned into a set of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Jamie has discovered that saying 'Are you sure?' repeatedly causes a crisis in confidence that sends other family members into a tailspin. When asking his sister 'You want to play in my bedroom?', her negative response can turn into a positive result the more he persists in questioning her original answer. And I certainly feel more amenable when (in the middle of working on something) I decline playing with him when he responds, 'You no wanna play with me. Are you sure?'. Clever little passive aggressive bugger.

  • Something random:

    When I was walking to the shops yesterday, a fox came out of a lane and walked with me until a passing black lab scared him off.


  1. love that the fox came to have a little walk with you...and kids are alltgether such clever little monsters....but we still love them.

  2. How cool that your coats are in America and being loved. You are famous, woman!
    LOL at Jamie. Jack has taken to saying 'Well I don't like that decision.' when told that he can't do something. It makes me chuckle every time.
    And random fox. I don't like them so I'd be a bit freaked out by that.
    Happy Monday xx

  3. Way cool!
    Taking Kitschy Coo to the world... one playground at a time :-)

  4. I've joined in too!

  5. I guess that makes you officially a 'foxy lady'?

  6. yeah you are an internationally famous children's wear designer!

  7. Very cool about the coat, very clever Jamie... and that fox seems to have been remarkably tame for a wild creature, wow!

  8. Love all that! Might try 'are you sure' myself!